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Title: android interview questions
Page Link: android interview questions -
Posted By: seminar presentation
Created at: Saturday 29th of May 2010 07:15:15 PM
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introduction of android:

android is an operating system for mobile devices that includes middleware and key applications, and uses a modified version of the linux kernel. it was initially developed by android allows developers to write managed code in the java language, controlling the device via google-developed java libraries.....
the android sdk includes a comprehensive set of development tools . these include a debugger, libraries, a handset emulator (based on qemu), documentation, sample code, and tutorials. currently su ....etc

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Title: smtppop3 mail server
Page Link: smtppop3 mail server -
Posted By: project topics
Created at: Thursday 22nd of April 2010 02:35:59 AM
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a mail server (also known as a mail transfer agent or mta, a mail transport agent, a mail router or an internet mailer) is an application that receives incoming e-mail from local users (people within the same domain) and remote senders and forwards outgoing e-mail for delivery. a computer dedicated to running such applications is also called a mail server.

the proposed project report implements pop3 and smtp (core) servers. it handles lowlevel pop3 and smtp commands and raises events according to it. the mailserver service just handles these ....etc

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Title: webmail balic in smtp and pop3 server
Page Link: webmail balic in smtp and pop3 server -
Posted By: Guest
Created at: Thursday 25th of August 2016 08:46:17 PM
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Hi, Need to know the outgoing server for Balic webmail ....etc

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Title: pop3 imap
Page Link: pop3 imap -
Posted By: project report helper
Created at: Wednesday 13th of October 2010 07:52:00 PM
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pop3 & imap

kusum lata
vikas srivastava
sandeep goutele
rohit mishra

pop3 post office protocol (version 3 )


protocol for receiving e-mail
client/server protocol
achieves transparent connection between email server and e-mail cli ....etc

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Title: android os
Page Link: android os -
Posted By: lucky.prathibha
Created at: Saturday 08th of January 2011 03:54:35 PM
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i need to have the project report abstract,documentation and ppt.
please send me as soon as possible.its urgent. ....etc

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Title: android full report
Page Link: android full report -
Posted By: computer science technology
Created at: Saturday 30th of January 2010 06:28:51 PM
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android is a software stack for mobile devices that includes an operating system, middleware and key applications. android is a software platform and operating system for mobile devices based on the linux operating system and developed by google and the open handset alliance. it allows developers to write managed code in a java-like language that utilizes google-developed java libraries, but does not support programs developed in native code. the unveiling of the android platform on 5 november ....etc

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Title: android and multi-hop cellular networks and android platform evaluation
Page Link: android and multi-hop cellular networks and android platform evaluation -
Posted By: study tips
Created at: Saturday 23rd of February 2013 03:16:36 PM
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android and multi-hop cellular networks and android platform evaluation


as an open-source platform for mobile applications, android provides an ideal platform for the implementation and evaluation of wireless research protocols on end-user mobile devices. we would like to profile and better understand the energy characteristics of communication in a 3g network using the software apis of android. depending on the energy consumption characteristics of using a 3g cel ....etc

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Title: tetris development for android full report
Page Link: tetris development for android full report -
Posted By: computer science topics
Created at: Tuesday 22nd of June 2010 11:57:36 PM
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1. introduction

1.1 purpose of the project report:

the purpose of the project report is to list down requirements for the tetris application, which is submitted to jntu university, kakinada as part of the fulfillment of bachelors of technology course enrolled at chaitanya institute of engineering and technology.

1.2existing system:

tetris is available in many forms and available on various devices like desktop computers, hand held devices like pda etc. as of today.

1.3 proposed system:[ ....etc

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Title: offloading android applications to the cloud without customizing android pdf
Page Link: offloading android applications to the cloud without customizing android pdf -
Posted By: seminar projects maker
Created at: Friday 13th of September 2013 05:44:01 PM
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offloading android applications to the cloud without customizing android


spreading more than twice as fast as pcs, smartphones
are quickly becoming the primary mean for internet access.
however, smartphones today are still constrained by limited
computation resources such as cpu, memory and battery. in this
paper, we present a framework that automatically offloads heavy
back-end tasks of a regular standalone android application to an
andro ....etc

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Title: gesture recognition for android mobile phone
Page Link: gesture recognition for android mobile phone -
Posted By: cqxnbkid
Created at: Wednesday 17th of November 2010 06:48:37 AM
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hello members,
i am in my final year of queen mary university and i decided to do my final-year project report on 'gesture recognition for android mobile phone' .

however,i do not have much of an idea about what types of gestures can be used in the phone,i.e.,the gesture range, anything new which can make a gesture; besides, i am not sure what softwares, tools and skills i should use to make the gesture recognition on a android mobile phone ?

it would be a great help if anyone can give me any information about these project reports and a ....etc

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