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electro-pneumatic cancrusher

presented by:
karthik poojary
sandeep poojary
ajith joshi

electro-pneumatic cancrusher
recycling is wonderful way to help the environment, even if you think otherwise when you're hauling big, bulky bags crammed with empty cans to the curb. one device that will make our life easier, and our recycling haul much more compact, is the can crusher. can crushers are available in a number of styles, sizes and speed, with models to suit everyone from the heavy soda drinker to the recycling center manager.
a pneumatic can crusher is the quickest way to crush a can. designed for rugged performance, these tools can decrease the volume of empty cans for easy storage and disposal.
in today's times, most of the food items available in the market are canned. cold drinks and other beverages are also packed in cans. commercial establishments like cafeterias and bars, have to deal with these empty or leftover cans. storage is often a problem as these cans consume too much space, thereby increasing the total volume of the trash. as canned beverages and foods are frequently consumed even in homes, these cans can take up a lot of storage space. all these storage problems can be conveniently avoided by using a can crusher. as crushed cans occupy less space, you can easily keep more cans in a bag, once they are properly crushed.
scope of the project report
the main aim of a can crusher is to smash an empty aluminum can into the smallest unit possible. anyone who drinks a couple of sodas a week may never see the need to compact the cans, but others who are heavy drinkers may find these devices very helpful. restaurants, bars, catering halls and recycling plants are places where a can crusher is pretty much a must.
working of a pneumatic can crusher
pneumatic can crushers are powered by air pressure. this device is fitted with a pneumatic cylinder (pressurized tank) that pumps air with a tremendous force to set the crushing device into motion, which then falls onto the can. you have to just place the device in a chamber that is fitted with the crushing device. the chamber is completely enclosed for safe operation. once the tool starts, you will get the desired result in seconds. some models of pneumatic can crushers are designed to crush empty tins of around 10 liter in capacity. it can effortlessly reduce the volume of the tin to approximately 1/6th of its original size. the force of compressed air pushes a ram onto the tin and crushes it within 30 seconds.
can crushers are powered by different methods, but all share similar features. cans are deposited or placed into a chamber outfitted with a device that crushes the cans. the device can be a disk that smashes the cans from above; a metal unit that gives the cans a two-sided "hug" to crush them, or a massive, mechanical chamber that crushes cans on an assembly line.
types of cancrusher

pneumatic can crushers work on air power, just like the first subway introduced in new york city. a hefty blast of air, usually pumped from some type of pressurized tank, will move the crushing device in a quick and exact motion and crush the can. the pneumatic tube is about the size of large, rolled-up poster. many of these machines are homemade.
manual can crushers rely on a person's force to crush the can. some of the manual types resemble desk-top paper hole punchers. instead of inserting paper into the device to punch holes in it, people insert a can and press down to crush. these table-top units are relatively inexpensive and suitable for residential use.
medium-sized motorized units may be functional enough for restaurants and other commercial establishments. many of the basic motorized can crushers are a comparatively inexpensive choice. a common type allows cans to be lined up and fed into the machine, which crushes them in an internal, motorized compartment and spits out the crushed can below. some of these crushers are about the size of a large end table and can be fairly quiet.
heavy duty can-crushing duties will work best with one of the many industrial can crushers on the market. these units can run into the tens of thousands of dollars but are a must for any major recycling and buy-back facilities. design particulars vary widely, but most run with a conveyor belt that feeds cans into a large, central unit and spits them out on the other end. some include an automated washing chamber where cans are rinsed before crushing. these units have quick crushing times. some may also be able to crush metal 5-gallon pails and smaller, aluminum car parts.
a cylinder uses pressurized fluid or air to create a linear force/motion ,a fluid is pumped into one side of the cylinder under pressure, causing that side of the cylinder to expand, and advancing the piston. the fluid on the other side of the piston must be allowed to escape freely - if the incompressible fluid was trapped the cylinder could not advance. the force the cylinder can exert is proportional to the cross sectional area of the cylinder.
portable air compressor
a smaller, stronger and lighter air compressors in the power range of 1.0 hp to 2.0 hp

it can crush large number of cans in less interval of time.
it reduces the bulk of the can by crushing it, hence more space is obtained in the bin.
the crushing ram can be replaced by a punch, so that the machine can be converted to a punching machine.
since it uses electric and fluid source energy, it is eco friendly and cheap in usage.
since it uses above source of energy, its working is smooth and not rugged.
construction is simple.
initial cost is high.
since there is a compressor, it consumes more electric power
total cost
this project report costs around rs.15,000
(excluding air compressor).
could you please send me the full report of electro-pneumatic can crusher .
thank you.

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